LVFEIER Anti Radiation/Conductive/Shielding EMF Protection Silver Fabric 39.37 X 59 inches

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LVFEIER Anti Radiation/Conductive/Shielding EMF Protection Silver Fabric 39.37 X 59 inches Description

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▪A very unique fabric! All the shielding and conductivity properties of metal in a fabric format. When you need the conductivity and shielding performance of Silver with the strength of Nylon, Shielding >50 dB from 100 MHz to 3 GHz and surface conductivity of less than 1 Ohm per square. ▪ This material is great for high level grounding, static discharge, electric fields (create a Faraday enclosure or ground the shielding material when over a source for successful shielding from electric fields) and radio frequency shielding. Safe for skin contact, it can be used in garments, or bedding. Also an excellent curtain or wall covering. ▪ 55% Silver, 45% Nylon. Silver color, with some light penetration. Temperature range: -30C to 90C. ▪Washing Instructions: Do not machine wash or dry clean. Dry brush, wipe with damp cloth, or rinse in plain water. Hang dry. Warm iron. Brand new, factory fresh.

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